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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your stopping by to go through this write-up. My name is Sai and I am a traveler. I am passionate about travelling. I love seeing new places, I love meeting new people and I love observing new cultures.

I have created several travel blogs to guide travelers and to also mentor people who would like to travel around like me. So far, I have traveled to several countries in five continents. I love it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than traveling all around the globe.

Several times, I did online research about the city I traveled to at least to have an idea of the place. I got disappointed several times because there are too many misrepresentations and misconceptions on the internet. This is why I decided to create a travel blog to correct the misleading information on several other opinionated travel websites.

Although I have written several blogs about several places, this article is meant to introduce you to my blog Urban Timeline about big cities in the world. Anyone who plans to travel around big cities in the world definitely needs to read this blog as often as possible.

Due to the numerous misrepresentations and exaggerations on the internet, I only write blogs about places I have personally visited. My travel blogs are based solely on my personal experience. I don’t depend on the information I get online because I have lost confidence in online research.

One thing I realized over time is the fact that a lot of travel websites are not updated regularly so some of the information are obsolete and no longer correct even though they may have been through before.

Secondly, you can sometimes find wrong information on several sites and you will gradually begin to believe it but all the sites that propagated the wrong information may have gotten it from the same single source.

Most of the relevant specialized websites earn affiliate commission on people who book on their sites so in the bid to make as much sales as possible, they usually lure prospective customers by exaggerating several positive features. This is a problem because they raise tourists’ hope and make them expect too much.

These are the challenges I want to tackle with Urban Timeline. Apart from writing on my personal experience, I also update all my blogs regularly. The blog covers the best vacation deals, the cheapest transportation means, the most affordable accommodation facilities and where to get the best food in different cities around the world.

For more information about travelling to big cities, stay tuned on Urban Timeline.

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