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Finding a respite in the land of Kangaroo, from the marvelous waterfalls and exquisite beach can be quite trying. However once you have enjoyed the wonders of nature and ready to venture into the local life, we assume you will be inclined to try out the gastronomic delights that you will find in the restaurants in Sydney.

restaurants in sydney

Here is a ready reckoner of the finest restaurants in Sydney for you when you are here. The most populous city of Oceania region with a colonial past has plenty to offer on an explorer’s plate.

The Best Restaurants In Sydney


Address – 1 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Matt Moran with his artistic acumen has worked in developing the fine eatery of Aria restaurant in Sydney. The award winning, two hatted restaurant at Circular Quay, on the very edge of Sydney’s glistening harbor has made it entry to the elite club of world cuisine with elan.

You can even gift a dining experience at this fine place to your loved ones. The pre-set menu at Aria restaurant designed for the pre-theater clientele, is a unique concept in the restaurant. Pair the dish with your choice of wine from a wide range as well.


Address – 1, Establishment/252 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Add award winning service & an acclaimed wine list personally selected by Franck Moreau MS and you just know Sydney’s est. restaurant is going to be a dining experience not to be missed and long remembered. Entice your senses in the fine and luxurious dining hall of est. fine dining hall, tracing its root in the days of yore with pristine white tall pillars set up in a heritage dining room.

Executive Head Chef Peter Doyle, famed for his creative take on contemporary Australian food, makes his choice with the freshest of ingredients and distinctive take on French influence. The dining experience is worth cherishing for long term with fond memory.


Address – 529 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Located at the heart of Sydney Tetsuya’s restaurant tries to recreate a traditional Japanese-inspired style dining experience that tinkle all the taste buds. Set in a heritage site, with a serene ambience, Tetsuya’s menu distinguishes itself with unique twists.

The Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours is strictly adhered here. Add to this, the restaurant also prides itself in possessing one of Sydney’s most comprehensive wine lists, perfectly paired with the choice of gourmet and served at the right temperature.

Jade Temple

Address – 11 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

If you are seeking an authentic Chinese food experience head straight to the Jade Temple restaurant, the esteemed restaurant situated by Sydney’s sparkling harbor. The huge menu, inspired by Cantonese style, mostly compromises seasonal fresh ingredients. The entrance to the dining hall features two cast-iron Chinese lion guards.

The inside of this fine dining restaurants in Sydney is adorned with plantation shutters, slow-turning ceiling fans and potted palms, reminiscing about Asia’s British colonial past. You will be astounded by the intricate way the food is prepared and served with care.

Cafe Sydney

Address – Customs House, 31 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

A cafe set at the rooftop letting you peek through the amazing cityscape of Sydney, Cafe Sydney stands out with spectacular harbor views, delicious food, an outdoor terrace, cocktail lounge and a relaxed, contemporary interior.

With ease, the place will feature in one of your favorite place in Sydney for weekend brunch. Add to the morning brightness, a dash of impeccable service. Cafe Sydney deserves well to be featured as one of the top most choices for a gourmet explorer.

With the choicest of restaurant ready to serve you with the best of world cuisine, dining is an elaborative affair. Needless to say a visit to an immensely cosmopolitan and developed city remains incomplete until you have explored the diners’ scene in Sydney. Indulge in great wine and exotic stock of cheeses while savoring the delicious entries the restaurants conjure up, exactly to your taste.

Featured image source – Aria restaurant

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