A One Night Stand With Hong Kong

Each day, Hong Kong tells two stories of life and living. Both captivating to the ears, depending on why you’re in Hong Kong, you’d still want a taste of the other. Hong Kong offers the business side of life during the day and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy at night. A journey through the streets of Hong Kong at night unravels a new world of wonders and color.

The beauty of Hong Kong and its nightlife will have you feeling mesmerized and spoilt for choice. From rooftop bars, night clubs, colorful displays, shopping, cuisine & delicacies, entertainment & dance shows, the list is endless. Also, there are planned events which are held daily, showcasing the richness & uniqueness of Hong Kong. These were what attracted me to this beautiful city.

Having a taste of Hong Kong’s nightlife was truly an experience of a lifetime as I found out last night. I’ll walk you through it.

Symphony of Lights was one of the main attractions for me as I started my journey through the beautiful city of Hong Kong last night. Watching the colored lights beam into the sky accompanied by music and narration was a spectacle to behold.

The lights were coming from skyscrapers on both sides of the Victoria Harbour, which added more allure to the landscape. The purpose of the light and music were to celebrate Hong Kong’s diversity, spirit and energy.

The lights on show at the Symphony of Lights hold the record as the World’s largest permanent light show.

While the Symphony of Lights was still going on, I decided to take a walk around the Tsim Sha Tsui. The Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront was beautiful and looked like I was in a magical land. Nothing seemed out of place. The coastline, the skyscrapers and the lights – they complemented one another. The colors around, from the dark hue of the water flowing to the lights on display, I was left mesmerized. It was truly magnificent and an experience to cherish.

Who do not want to eat fine dining Hong Kong cuisine? At Tin Lung Heen, the delicacies on offer as well as the cuisines available were exotic. Since I wanted a somewhat total experience of Hong Kong, I decided to choose from their Dim Sum menu. The steamed pork dumpling with crab meat and scallop was delicious.

Later after dinner my betting spirit kicked in, so I moved my ass to Happy Valley. Feeling happy and in a good mood, I thought I’d try a little game and mingle with the locals. They were friendly and made the language difference seem like nothing though I had to repeat myself a few times. After a few bets, I decided to leave and hit few more places.

You know what they say…”no night is complete without hitting a bar.” If you guessed this, then you’re spot on. I didn’t just go to one bar; I went to two different bars last night. Lan Kwai Fong & SoHo are two of the best and popular bar areas around Hong Kong. The drinks, music, the atmosphere was top notch. I had so much fun and made new acquaintances there as well.

On a final note, last night was a fantastic night of fun and adventure. Hong Kong is really beautiful and all it took was a journey through the streets at night.

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