Mexico City’s Unmissable Museums

Why Mexico City is museum capital of the world may not be your regular topic of discussion when considering the world’s museum cities like Athens or San Francisco. However, that would be an obvious mistake and downplay on the contribution Mexico City has made in preserving knowledge, history and arts & artifacts.

The city is home to well over 150 museums. You will find in Mexico City, museums devoted to specific types of collections, such as European arts, sciences, Latin American arts, as well as communication & learning among others.

Residents of the Latin Americas no longer need to fly across the Atlantic to the rest of Europe or Africa to have a feel of the world’s rich historical, archaeological, anthropological and cultural heritage, displayed in fascinating museums.

With several museums, a temperate climate almost all year round, Mexico City presents itself as the world’s museum capital city.

The following museums are among Mexico City’s most interesting and significant museum.

1. Museo Nacional de Anthropology

This is Mexico City’s most famous museums, rich in Latin American culture and artifacts. It contains archaeological as well as anthropological artifacts from the Aztec and Olmec cultures of as far back as the 1300-400 BC.

It also includes among its Latin exhibits, other exhibits from across Mexico such as Russia, Spain, Iran, China, Egypt and Greece. The Museum itself stands as a national heritage, presenting to the world Mexico’s rich cultural, economic, social and political feat.

2. Museo de Arte Popular

This is a symbolic museum for the folk art, with handicraft exhibits from across Mexico. This museum best describes Mexico’s rich heterogeneous culture and history. It is a perfect representation of the whole of Mexico at a glance.

It gives you a taste of Mexico’s rich culture, displaying exhibits in groups and themes. Crafts made from paper, corn husk, beads, woods, wax, clay, cotton, etc. are arranged in juxtaposition. The museum also offers an interpretation of each exhibit in both English and Spanish languages.

3. Museo Palacio de Bellas Artes

This was Mexico’s first art museum. It was opened in 1934 as the Museum of Fine Arts. Collections here date far back to the 16th century. Amongst its best exhibits are Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente murals.

You will also find Mesoamerican sculptures that will thrill your mind. It is an exhibition ground for both indigenous artists and international artists. It indeed wears a proverbial hat and a must visit for all who appreciate fine arts.

4. Museo Soumaya

This is a symbolic structure, rising 150 feet above the ground with an interesting architecture designed by Fernando Romero. The Museum is a private museum containing almost 70,000 private collections dating from the 16th century to the 20th century.

Its collection includes Auguste Rodin sculptures, which is the world’s largest privation collection. It is the most visited art museum in Mexico and the 56th most visited art museum in the world.

5. Museo Nacional de Historia

This museum offers you the best opportunity to explore and appreciate the beauty of Mexico’s history. The museum takes you on tour from the Aztec era to the Spanish colonization of Mexico through the medieval period of religious transformation.

You will find in this museum the different events that have created the Mexico now standing. It is housed in the Chapultepec Castle.

6. Museo Memoria y Tolenrancia

This place was built to preserve memories that will help promote and build peace and tolerance in both Mexico and the world over.

Visit this ancient beauty and see its picturesque landscape.

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