Hotel Bernini Bristol Rome – A Seamless Marriage Of Luxury And History

Often termed as the eternal city, Rome is a treat for explorers with a penchant for history. The greatest civilization from ancient time, wistful literature, cradle of knowledge of the city has retained much of its glory till date. For a wonder seeker, Rome is the true paradise and one of Europe’s and the world’s most visited famous, influential and beautiful capitals. For a weary traveler, at the end of a eventful day, Hotel Bernini Bristol awaits with the warmth of a home and many more pleasurable experiences. This is a small excerpt of the best experiences one can expect from the age old institution.

hotel bernini bristol

Prepare to marvel oneself at the entrance of the Hotel Bernini Bristol in Rome, Italy for it is just not another corporate hospitality center soaked in luxury. The immense presence of historical importance is eminent in the palatial building. As a hotel, it started accepting guests as early as 1874. Time gnawed hard on the bricks and it fell prey eventually. However with effort by Ettore Rossi, the hotel regained its charm and retained the tag of oldest building in the city. The rationalist style was way ahead of contemporary builders and drew plenty of criticism. However guests loved it, just the way they love the abode now!

The fateful WW2 did not leave past easily. A small spat with Nazi occupation, followed by American Red Cross had occupied the building for a prolonged period. The royalty of original owner of the building, the 4th Earl of Bristol, whose love for artworks is well known, oozes from the intricate designs of the walls, soaring pillars and beautiful crafts adorning the interior.

The finest of accommodation in the huge property of Bernini Bristol Rome will be arguably the Tritone Suite with a private swimming pool on a panoramic terrace. Michelin-starred chefs are trained to serve the finest of gourmet pleasure for you at Giuda Ballerino rooftop restaurant.

Apart from a beautiful view of the cityscape while you indulge in a wellness spa therapy, you may also enjoy an exquisite collection of arty features.

For an upscale corporate meeting or event the hotel plays perfect venue. It is situated right in the heart of the city with plenty of things to do and offers the perfect mix of elegance, grandeur and hi-tech luxury.

Rome was the birthplace of medieval renaissance. Among many masters of modern art, Rome has seen Leonardo Da Vinci in his prime. The traditional materials he used along with many his masterpieces are on display at the museum. On your request a serene visit can be arranged as well as a tour of the Italian countryside.

The grand architecture has stood witness to many of the development in Italian hospitality sector. Multitudes of events have taken place in the city, that decided the fate of human history. In the hotel you witness the time bygone. The unprecedented awe you feel is the cherry on your cake for the Rome travel for sure. The property stands witness to the transformation of Rome from the “Dolce Vita” to the affirmation of “Made in Italy” and shows the energy in same vigor.

Hotel Bernini Bristol Rome
Address – Piazza Barberini, 23, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
Contact Number – +39 06 488931
Distance From Airport* – 32 km
Room Rate** on Agoda – EUR 278/-
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*Distance from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport
**Room rate is calculated as average price per night on 12 September 2017(tomorrow), 12 October 2017(after 1 month) & 12 November 2017(after 2 months) and includes taxes. The room selected was the most basic room at the property and has a maximum occupancy of 2 adults.
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