What Are The Must Do Things In Taipei

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. Whether you consider Taiwan, a country or a region on China, I will leave it to you. Taiwan is officially known as Republic of China.

Taipei is a very big city with several regions perfect for sightseeing. There are beautiful restaurants, nightlife and comfortable accommodation at every part of the city. Taipei is Taiwan’s largest city, as well as its economy, political and cultural state. The city is modernized with fantastic places to visit.

It’s my next preferred city in Far East after Hong Kong.

Taipei is surrounded wholly by the new Taipei city. This city was created in 2010 out of the former Taipei county. Taipei lies in a narrow bowl-shaped valley of the Tan Shui and two of its main streams Chi-lung and Hsin-Tien rivers. Taipei remains the political, economic and cultural center of the island.

Taipei was founded in the early parts of the 18th century by the Chinese people who came to stay permanently. In the 19th century, it became an important center for overseas trade. Taipei expanded significantly in the 1949 and 1967. The city’s population also increased from one million in the 1960s to two million in between 1967 to 1970. In the 21st century, Taipei remained the most populated urban area. Okay, that’s enough history. It’s time to consider what to see/do in Taipei.

There are quite a lot of interesting places for visitors to explore in Taipei. Here are my four top choices:

Shilin Night Market – This night market in Taipei is known for its delicacies in different kinds of food, from the steak meat to the tea, tofu, roasted chicken and so on. Apart from these delicacies, visitors also go to the market to pay a visit to the local trader’s stores for items of sentimental value.

Taipei 101 – This is one of the most distinguished skyscrapers in Xinyi district. Taipei 101 is the city’s landmark. Every year, a new year firework extravaganza takes place at Taipei 101. It was once the tallest building on the planet.

National Taiwan Museum – This museum not only showcases antiques but also rare dinosaurs fossil and animal specimen. The museum also provides information about banking to people.

Lungshan Temple – Visitors are always carried away by the pink oriental cherries with the beautiful aroma in front of the temple. If you are not able to visit the temple, it is advisable to visit the any other Taiwanese temple where the people worship the god and walk along the path of the temple to enjoy peace.

There are also other interesting places like the Tamsui old street, Shimen Wedding Plaza, Xizhi Star Bridge, Wulai Street, etc.

Taipei is a home away from home. In Taipei, you will feel so relaxed with the environment and the people there give a warm reception to the visitors.

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