Mexico Trip Planning – A How To Guide

It is essential to prepare yourself in advance before you get started with your Mexico trip planning. Mexico is a country that is situated in the southern part of North America and it holds the position of being the third largest country in Latin America.

The country is famous for its vibrant culture and its flamboyant festivities. The stunning beaches, delicious food and rich history make this country an ideal holiday destination. UNESCO has also ranked Mexico seventh in the entire world for housing the most number of heritage sites.

The easiest way for you to experience the true magnificence of this place is to opt for vacation rentals in Mexico. These rentals offer you the option of having an accommodation closest to the places you intend to tour. Mexico is a land with a large number of natural scenic locales.

Be it the various churches that reflect the intriguing past or the stunning blue beaches or even the numerous architectural wonders, you will never be left short of things to do in Mexico. So, plan a trip to Mexico and take in the sheer beauty and magnificence of this land.

mexico trip planning

When To Visit Mexico

If you are looking to enjoy the warm sunshine and relax by the mesmerising beaches of Mexico, it is most advisable to plan your trip between the months of December and April. During this time, the skies stay clear and there is virtually no rainfall. Thus, it is best to take up your Mexico trip planning and schedule it for this time of the year.

Cinco de Mayo on 5th of May is a very important celebration in Mexico as it commemorates the victory of the country over French forces. A trip during this time of the year is guaranteed to give you an authentic experience of Mexican culture and their grand festivities.

If you are looking to avail inexpensive airfares and avoid crowds while traveling in the country, the time period between the months of May and June or September and December are the most ideal time to visit Mexico.

Transportation Within Mexico

Mexico is a destination that can be accessed from all major countries in the world. The country has an astounding 1834 total number of airports, the third-largest in the world. These airports have flights that travel to both international as well as domestic destinations. Mexico has an extensive road transportation network. Many cities in Mexico have metro rails that acts as a convenient and affordable means of travel for residents and tourists alike.

You can also choose to travel by buses within the country, although this might not be the most convenient option due to the crowds and unreliable timings. Taxi cabs are a flexible and hassle-free means of transport although one must be vigilant of the legitimacy of these cabs. You must ensure that the taxi vehicles are state sponsored cabs. You could even request your hotel manager to book or flag down a taxi for your safe travels.

What To See In Mexico

mexico trip planning

You could start off your Mexico trip planning by scheduling a visit to the very famous landmark of El Castillo, located in Chichen Itza. This pyramid structure is popular for having 91 steps on each face of the pyramid. This, along with the shared step on top total up to 365 which signifies the total number of days in a year.

If you are looking to enjoy the perfect warm sunshine of Mexico, you must choose Tulum as one of your travel destinations. The beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches are an ideal vacation getaway.

Cozumel, a beach destination located just off the Yucatan Peninsula, is another place that offers some great options for water sport activities coupled with the beautiful backdrop of the clear blue waters. A visit to the beautiful colonial city of Guanajuato is an interesting addition to your Mexico trip planning. This vibrant city has a large number of stunning colonial architecture as well as colourful alleyways.

Within Mexico city, a sight that cannot be missed is the Catedral Metropolitana, the oldest cathedral in Latin America. This architectural masterpiece also boasts of an extensive art collection. You could also pay a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology that houses many artefacts that reflect upon the country’s pre-Colombian history.

What To Eat In Mexico

Planning a trip to Mexico would be incomplete without browsing for the most delicious treats in the country. Pambazo is a Mexican sandwich dipped in chilli sauce and is an interesting take on the traditional burger.

Flauta is another popular Mexican dish that consists of a deep-fried flour tortilla and stuffing consisting of meat, lettuce and oodles of cheese.

If you are a fan of seafood, you must give Aji Tuna Tartare a try. Mole is a traditional Mexican item consisting of a sauce that is made for dipping your tortillas. Quesedillas, Fajitas and Guacamole are three staple dishes that are a must-try for every visitor in Mexico.

Useful Tips For Traveling To Mexico

  • It would be useful to learn at least a few significant words in Spanish, especially if you plan on traveling to the rural areas.
  • Print any of the Mexican related svg cuts on your t-shirt and blend in with the locals. Standing out as a tourist makes you an easy target for thieves and scammers.
  • It is best to ask your hotel manager or guide beforehand if there are certain areas in the city that must be avoided.
  • Instead of carrying your money in your pockets or bag, invest in a money belt. It is a discreet option for storing your valuables underneath your clothing.
  • Unless there is a ‘Purified’ sign on the tap, it is best to buy packaged drinking water for your travels.
  • A tip of 10% on your bill is the general expected charge for good service.

Lastly, it is important to let-go and enjoy the authentic charm and hospitality that the Mexican people have to offer.

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